Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pasta shells with Ratatouille

2nd day of the new year, its afternoon here and I'm back to blog about my 2nd recipe for the year :-) WE are consistent so far. I'm also hoping to find my writing rhythm along the way, so I'll stop agonising about my sentences making sense to the reader (if and when there's a reader!)

I've prepared some Ratatouille to go with Pasta shells in the evening. I think I'll take some along to my mum's and hopefully mum & dad'll like it too.

You'll need:

1 large Zuccini
1 large Bell pepper
2 large onions
3 Tomatoes
1/2 a jar of Pasta sauce
1 tbsp cooking oil
1 cup Pasta shells (whichever shape you prefer/have)
Salt, Pepper
2 cubes cheese, grated

1. Chop all the veggies roughly the same size as the pasta shells that you've taken. Keep the tomatoes separate.

2. Put 3 cups of water to boil, adding some salt to it. Once the water comes to a boil add in the pasta shells and cook them till Al dente (just about cooked). Drain under cold water and set aside.

3. In a wok/saucepan, heat up the oil on high flame and toss the veggies in except the tomatoes. Saute them for a minute and then lower the flame. Add salt and pepper according to taste, and then mix in the tomatoes. Add the pasta sauce as well. Stir well, cover and let cook for a while until the Zuccini is done. Let it rest for a while before serving

4. To serve, spoon the cooked pasta on the platter. Add the veggies on top, garnishing with some grated cheese.

My Notes: DH and I loved this easy to make preparation, even the kids liked it well.
Whole some evening snacks that doubles as an early dinner. Enjoy!

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